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The destiny of a nation and its future is shaped by its education system, unfortunately the revolution in knowledge, sciences and ICT hasn't brought any positive changes in knowledge management and delivery system, specially at K-12 level. The system remains Techer, Test and Text Centered from the past two centuries, rote learning rules roost and grades are considered superior to creativity and Talent. We at Apleysy have designed an Education system that is totally based on Creativity, Thinking, Problem Solving and Research mode based learning right from the K-12 level. Out next focus is on English and Soft Skills. The English has come to stay as the powerful tool to leverage , Knowledge, Resources, Business, Technology, Communication, Digital advancements, Global strategies, Diplomacy, ICT, Research, inventions, and so on. The Language has made this planet, a neighbourhood for all the inhabitants. The English is widely used as a the knowledge and information tool for decision making planning and Management. It's no wonder that the people occupying the high positions in the Management, Business and Jobs are highly proficient in English.

  • English Learning Management - Communication skills and Global Citizenship Education .

  • Training in Knowledge Creation (Common core) and Management Systems

  • Education Management Systems (Academic and Administration)

  • Experimental, Explorative and Research mode Science Learning Tools

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