Weekend School of Concepts – Sciences, Maths and English skills

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Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous – Confucius 

We are the Professional Educators in Sciences,Maths and Humanities with decades of Experience in the field of School education. 

The traditional schooling system is teacher, text and test oriented, there is no room for students to think or create or innovate or investigate. Further the primitive examination system and the race to complete the syllabus suppresses the inherent talents of the students, they learn the subjects without understanding, this affects their knowledge application and problem solving ability. Student spend nearly 1200 in school per year just for rote learning


NIESD conducts weekend concept school where students are exposed to concept learning by live demonstration, activities, experiments, presentations etc., based on school syllabus, besides students will be exposed latest English vocabulary, expressions. ICT programme will focus on latest advancement in sciences, technologies, computing, Space science, AI, AVR etc. Students would be encouraged to think and question during the discussion sessions. We promote research activity (by the students)  to promote the concept of ‘Learning by understanding and Research.

No scientist or innovator has Discovered or solved the world problems by securing degrees or grades or by my memorizing the subjects. Our NEET/STEM programme aims to promotes Research initiative at secondary schools. This system of learning fosters creativity thinking and problem solving ability (Real life problems) at the younger age.

NEET/STEM  Science and Maths

The Gen-Z is very smart, innovative, creative and NET savvy.  We provide very advance training in Science, Math and technological concepts at the weekends to enable the students to understand the concepts they have learned at the school. 

STEM English

STEM English Focuses life skills and work-place-based English that all the students need to be equipped at secondary level. We have developed English Language modules for the secondary schools affiliated to the regional, national and international boards. Students will be trained in public speaking, presentation skills media literacy and the latest vocabulary. 

NEET/STEM Based Education Material (Science)

We have designed and developed NEET/STEM based science education material to illustrated, Theories, Concepts, Principles, Laws of science etc.  We promote Research science to train students in Science research at secondary level. We also train the students and the faculty at their place. All-these at very low investment.

An article  by Blogger

“All progress is Born of Inquiry. Doubt is often better than over confidence for it leads to inquiry and inquiry leads to invention” – Hudson Maxim

“I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand.” – Confucius

RISHIKESH K B, Senior Researcher and Publication Associate (India) in his article ‘Actual Learning Happens in Research Mode’, asks ‘ How many teachers encourage enquiry discussion and exchange of Ideas? Or when  was it that our students learned to learn through exploration and Research?’

Going by the recent Trends in the Job Market, Poor Research output and lack of Employability skill  in almost 85% or Indian Graduates,  it’s evident that our Present Education system solely relies on Rote learning, Reproduction and and one dimensional evaluation. Creativity, Thinking ability, Problem Solving Skill, Reasoning ability, Insight learning, Scientific temper, Communication skill, Experiential Learning, have no place in our education system. The standard of English is going down at an alarming rate in our schools, colleges and universities. More that 70% of our graduates don’t find jobs due their poor English Skill. Poor leadership and governance have played a catalytic role in degenerating the education system to the present level. The disturbing trend is that the standard of Private Education Sector is also equally bad.

To stop the rot, the Education system needs to be restructured right from the K-12 level, instead of funding the higher education. We can’t build superstructure on a weak foundation.